Your Next Secret to Big Strength Numbers: Coupling Time

Stay with me for a second. Human movement has a specific relationship between load and speed. Lighter loads move faster than heavier loads. That seems obvious. 

Okay, here’s the next step.

Without actually making you do any math, you might still agree with me that an extremely heavy one rep max is an incredible expression of power even if it’s moving extremely slowly. On the other hand, you might also agree that throwing a punch at peak speed is also an incredible expression of power even if it’s an extremely “light” load. Both are true expressions of power. 

In the coaching world, we have several frameworks that help us design intentional training. One of the truths we know about training is that when the body expresses power at or above 90% of one potential that the effort is extremely demanding on (and ultimately trains) the central nervous system (CNS). 

You can thank your CNS for its role in coordinating and firing all of the muscles required to lift your next heavy load. Regardless of how big your muscles are, a more refined CNS will mean you’ll lift more weight than if you had an undertrained CNS. 

This is why we are a fan of plyometrics that demand minimal loads at peak velocities. They specifically train the CNS because jumping, throwing, bounding, and other high velocity tasks qualify as a 90% or greater effort, which means you’ll be more prepared to PR your next big lift. 

Today’s GPP training in Venice includes double broad jumps. The term for the time spent on the ground between jumps as coupling time. Decrease your coupling time to increase the training effect of today’s plyometric effort (and ultimately your raw strength). 

Speed kills.

12/29/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

 12 Supine Grip Wide Inverted Barbell Row 
8 Bent Over Barbell Row

Then, complete the following for time:

7th Street Run
30 Front Squats(115/85)
6th Street Run


Double Broad Jumps

Power Clean

Then, complete 4 rounds for reps:

15/12 Cal Row
Max Slam Balls
-Rest 2:00-