Health Isn’t Lost Over a Holiday

You can’t erase your fitness over Christmas break. In fact, the worldview that believes in the acute view of health is a better explanation for an individual struggling in fitness. What do I mean? I mean if you live in a world that is generally enrolled in a fit lifestyle, holidays, birthdays, and vacation become such a small part of a demonstratively more impactful healthily lifestyle. 

That said, go to Christmas dinner or the New Year’s Party this year and say yes to the cake and the drinks of your choice. Telling yourself that turning those experiences down is your effort to be healthy is baseless if your Tuesdays in February aren’t guided by healthy choices.

Rather than sprinkling salads and green juices on an inconsistent, unhealthy lifestyle in 2022, let’s make being fit completely normal. That way we can all be fit and say yes to life’s celebrations!

12/21/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

 6 Deadlift
12 Staggered Stance Double Kettlebell RDL

Then, AMRAP 6

10 Double KB Swings(44/26)
12 Alternating KB Reverse Lunges

-Rest 3 Minutes-

15 Double Unders
6 Burpees


Goblet Squat

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

8 Bulgarian Split Squats (ea)
12 DB RDLs

Then, complete 3 rounds for reps:

:60 Max Squats
:60 Max Double Unders
:60 Max Burpees
-Rest 1:00-