[VIDEO] In All Fairness, There’s No Fairness

There is a famous study of chimpanzees who display seemingly innate gauges for unfairness. The scene above shows two chimpanzees in individual cages. When they perform the task appropriately (giving a rock to the proctor), they are rewarded with a tasty grape. Things shift, then, when both perform the task equally and one chimp receives a tasty grape while the other receives a dull cucumber. 

 We detest injustice.

That said, I wonder if this experiment would yield the same outcomes if the chimps weren’t observing each other’s rewards so closely. The reason I ask this question isn’t because I want to perpetuate or support unfairness in the world. I would like quite the opposite. However, I know without question that there is unfairness in the world. Furthermore, I know there is unfairness that is outside of our control.  

In that sense, I wonder how much anguish and energy would be saved by not having concern with the grapes of others.

12/13/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

12 Dip
15 Supine Grip Inverted Row

Then, complete 3 rounds for time:

20 DB Deadlifts(50/35)
10 DB Front Squats
10 Devils Presses


Weighted Chin Ups

Then, complete the following for time:

Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

:45 Glute Bridge Raise Hold
30 Banded Tricep Extensions