Running with Nature: Pt. 4 of 4

We opened this discussion by laying out a troubling scenario in Part 1. Everyone is running and almost no one is aware that they’re missing the standard (or what the standard is to begin with). In Part 2, we unlocked the free, ever present potential energy inside of our relationship with gravity. And, just recently in Part 3 we gave runners a focus with a deliberate task: “pull”. Pulling gives the runner a focal point that can best maintain what we’re here to talk about today, which is the universal standard for running.

Dr. Romanov observed that all runners pass through a universal figure four position. Why is this the universal running pose?

It’s the optimal position from which to fall

We fall with great posture in this position because the swing leg must pass through this position in order to switch from one support leg to the other. While the position, or pose, is universal, it’s important to realize that great running isn’t universal. We’ve outlined this  in detail. So, where does it go wrong?

Running, like the deadlift or the jerk, is about claiming and reclaiming position. If the universal figure four pose is the standard for proper running mechanics, we’re interested in both the quality of that position and how we can transition from one pose to the next without extra movement or deviation in between poses. 

How do we hold the standard from one pose to the next while running?

We 1) fall with great courage and 2) pull the feet from the ground as discussed in Part 2 and Part 3 of this series. It’s this combination outlined in the work of Dr. Romanov that runners can use common language to trend towards better skill for faster, longer, more effortless running. 

Happy running, everyone. 


Logan Gelbrich 


4/6/20 WOD

Progressive Volume Work:


Complete 7 rounds for quality:

12 Hollow Rocks

15 Push Ups

20 Squats


Progressive Tempo Run

Run 14 Minutes Out

Return with a Negative Split (<14 Minutes)