Incoming Call: Gratitude

In middle school, I wrote an email to Reggie Waller. It felt like a letter. Back then things were opposite. Mail was annoying and emails were exciting. Maybe it was the sound: “You’ve got mail!”

In any case, Reggie was like an unofficial uncle. He is a former big leaguer, turned MLB scout, turned agent, turned consultant to the MLB Players Association. He taught me how to hit. My email to him impresses me looking back. I was much more shy than to reach out to an adult in this way, but I felt compelled to anyway. It was a declaration. Looking back it felt like I had to confide in someone.

I told him I’d never been more motivated in my life. I was working harder than everyone and performing better than my peers and I wanted to tell him that I would play professional baseball. I was calling my shot to someone outside of my own mind and I had him to thank. He wasn’t just remarkable. He cared about me and believed in me. 

Today my phone rang and the caller ID read “Reggie Waller”. I felt my eyes welling up. We spoke for about 20-minutes for the first time in over a decade. I can tell you that being reminded of the power a human being can have on others brings meaning to life itself. There’s a strong chance that you could have the effect on another person that Reggie Waller had on me by simply giving a best effort and sharing yourself with the others. 

I hope you’ll try. I’m eternally grateful Reggie did. 


Logan Gelbrich  


4/5/20 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality of: 

20 Sit Ups 

25 Crunches 

30 4-Count Flutter Kicks

 -Rest :60-  


Then, complete  in as few sets as possible: 

100 Situps 

-Rest 2 minutes-  


Then, complete 4 rounds for time of: 

30 Chair Dips 

30 Cuban Presses 

-Rest :60-  


Then, complete 5 rounds for quality of: 

16 Alt. Forward Lunges 

18 Alt. Lateral Split Squats 

20 Alt. Reverse Lunges 

22 1 1/4 sumo Squat  

24 3-Position Stance RDLs 

(8 narrow, 8 normal, 8 wide)