Cut The Slack

Labeling your problems doesn’t solve your problems. (Please reread that sentence.)

As you’ve familiarized yourself over the past three weeks with all the things you can and can’t do during a pandemic, you’ve inevitably faced the task of substituting behavior and/or adopting new behavior. Can’t train at the gym? Insert at-home workouts. Can’t spend time in person with all your friends? Hello, FaceTime & Zoom calls. Can’t surf? Try skateboarding, or embracing new non-sport specific styles of training. 

You’ve also inevitably complained about what you can’t do (or don’t have) at this time. Or you’ve heard someone else do it…“ your friend”, right? Yeah, okay. Point being, expressions such as “I’m not a good communicator when stressed,” “I’ve been so upset I haven’t been able to ___,” or “I’m just not good at being alone,” have likely been brought up. And, unsurprisingly. Disrupt an animal’s natural habitat and chaos ensues.

HOWEVER. An unwillingness to follow through beyond addressing a problem/limitation serves no one. And on a team, in a relationship – personal or business – the repercussions of labeling without actionable follow-though become even more complex. 

So here’s the deal: can you reign in on specificity? Select and attend to one thing at a time? Similar to experiencing more fear before taking action than the actual fear you experience while taking action – I encourage you to see what happens to labeled doubts/limitations when you employ a fierce commitment to the DOING of problem-solving.

Do you sprint faster looking straight ahead, or looking over your shoulder every few seconds? Do you deadlift more weight with bent elbows, or locked out arms?

If it’s a problem worth addressing, cut the slack. Execute & onward..


Kimmy Moss


4/7/20 WOD

Progressive Stability Work:


Complete 4 rounds for quality of: 

:15 Left-Side Captain Morgan (Right Knee Up + Toe Up) 

:15 Left-Side Captain Morgan (Left Knee Up + Toe Up)


:20 Crow Position Hold 


 :15 Right-Side Captain Morgan (Right Knee Up + Toe Up)

 :15 Right-Side Captain Morgan (Left Knee Up + Toe Up) 


Then, every 2:00 for 10:00 complete the following for time: 

5 Deck Squats

5 Kneeling Jumps

10 Burpees


**Athlete’s score is slowest round