3 Perks to Training with Complexes

Today’s training includes a barbell complex. A complex is simply a combination of exercises that are prescribed to be performed in succession. Once the first rep is done the athlete is responsible for the entire series before resting.

The power of complexes cannot be underscored enough. If the feeling you get while performing a complex doesn’t send the message alone, you might appreciate the distinct advantages to training movement complexes in writing. Here are three advantages to using complexes:

  1. Increased time under tension. Since the series of movements is prescribed to be completed together, the system remains under tension longer which breaks down tissues and builds strength faster. Complexes get you strong!
  2. Increased cardiovascular stress. This means not only will you get strong doing complexes, but you’ll be getting the benefits of doing cardio, too. You’ll be breathing hard. (No running required!)
  3. Increased neurological stress. Complexes are great for ingraining movement patterns because athletes are spending more time moving through distinct movement patterns under neurological stress. This means beginners and intermediates learn movement skill faster.



Logan Gelbrich


9/25/18 WOD

Complete the following complex for load:
1 Power Clean
2 Hang Cleans
3 Front Squats

Then, complete the following for time:
1k Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Pull Ups