Experiment: Worst Case Scenario

I’m all for positive self-talk. I practice it nearly to extremes. After all, our mind is our greatest ally or our worst enemy, right? Positive self-talk keeps our mind playing for the Good Guys. That’s a good thing.

That being said, I also believe in the power of thought experiments that explore worst-case-scenario events. It’s my insurance policy against an unhelpful point of view that looks like run away optimism to the level of naivety. This can leave us unfit and unprepared for life’s unforeseen events.

You better believe I thought about a dozen ways the gym would be forced to close tomorrow and two dozen ways to respond. As a result, I feel more fit to live in the brighter, less dramatic moment.

What can you perform a worst case scenario mental experiment with today?


Logan Gelbrich


9/24/18 WOD

Find a heavy Clean and Jerk.

Then, complete the following for time:
400m Run

2 Rounds”
25 Power Cleans and Jerks (95/75)
25 Burpees Over-the-Bar

400m Run