The Endowment Effect and Your Training

The endowment effect is a human psychological phenomenon that, if understood, could pay you huge dividends. Here’s the gist: people will pay more to keep things they already own than to obtain things that aren’t theirs. Said differently, all things created equal, we demonstrate that we value what is ours more than what isn’t.  

If you can enroll your mind into the idea that you own your training and your health, it will hold that you will be quite resilient against giving it away. If, however, you perceive that your health and fitness is something that is outside of you, not yet obtained, you’ll likely never be able to afford or be willing to pay the steep price to get it both literally and figuratively.

You already own your own health. Don’t give it away.


Logan Gelbrich


9/21/18 WOD

3 Deadlifts

Then, complete 10 rounds for time of:

4 Pistols
6 Chin Ups
8 DB Snatches (50/35)

Then, complete the following for quality:
100 Banded Hamstring Curls
100 Banded Tricep Pull Downs