FREE Nutrition Plan eBook + Challenge

We’re pleased to provide educational resources for our students to maximize their time here. This new eBook is a FREE quick guide to the mechanics behind some simple, effective food plans. We encourage you to raise your game as an athlete by downloading and informing yourself on these strategies.

To provide a jump start to your new insight on how to fuel your body, Coach Juan is leading an internal challenge group for accountability to the training and nutritional practices in the eBook starting October 1st.

This is a guided community-based program with in-person meetings and workouts, as well as online support- designed to help you increase your awareness and compliance to a sustainable relationship with nutrition. The community is there for accountability and the resources are there for a deeper understanding of nutrition.


What You Get:

-Our DEUCE Nutrition Protocol

-Twice monthly in-person group check-ins/meetings and workouts led by coaches. (2nd and last Saturday of the month 11am)

-Online support

-Access to a private challenge participant only Facebook Group as a resource.

-Weekly podcasts dedicated to the topics discussed in meetings, and personal insights.

-A nutrition plan choice from the following eating platforms: Paleo, IIFYM, Zone

-Potential guest speakers from each discipline



Member $100

Non Member: $150

Online Only: $100


What You Need:

-Body measurements (calipers and tape measure)

-Dexa Scan (Preferred)

-Food Scale

-My Fitness Pal Premium

Are you in? Email to follow along.



Logan Gelbrich


9/26/18 WOD

Complete the following for time:

2K Row

Then, EMOM 9
Minute 1: 400′ Shuttle Sprint
Minute 2: 10 DB Snatches (70/50)
Minute 3: 20 Lateral Plate Jumps