DEUCE Nutrition Protocol


This e-book is a beginner’s guide to jump-start nutrition for athletes. It contains various styles of eating, resources, workouts, and how-to tools to execute a nutritional plan. Sections are broken down for ease of reading and include additional resources to provide a foundation of awareness.


This resource is meant for any and all athletes looking to increase their performance, aesthetics, or body measurements It is not meant to cure any illness or disease. For specific individual needs, seek medical advice.


The most important thing that is needed is an open mind and the courage to execute. Nutrition and fitness are a never-ending journey that requires lifelong experiences. Items needed to complete this program are this download, a food scale, body measurement tools, and workout equipment. A little community support and accountability don’t hurt either.



Coach Led 12 – Week Community Challenge

This is a guided community-based program with in-person meetings and workouts, as well as online support- designed to help you increase your awareness and compliance to a sustainable relationship with nutrition. The community is there for accountability and the resources are there for a deeper understanding of nutrition.

What you Get:
-Our DEUCE Nutrition Protocol
-Twice monthly in-person group check-ins/meetings and workouts led by coaches
-Online support
-Access to a private challenge participant only Facebook Group as a resource
-Weekly podcasts dedicated to the topics discussed in meetings, and personal insights
-A nutrition plan choice from the following eating platforms: Paleo, IIFYM, Zone
-Potential guest speakers from each discipline

Member $100
Non Member: $150
Online Only: $100

What you Need:
Body measurements (calipers and tape measure)
Dexa Scan (Preferred)
Food Scale
Food Tracker

If you have any questions or concerns, please email a coach.