Josh Gonzalez Joins DEUCE Staff

As we’ve harped on before, DEUCE Gym’s Coach’s Prep provides a barrier to entry in our leadership that is just shy of making prospects walk on hot coals to earn a coaching roll. It’s with great pleasure that I officially welcome Josh Gonzalez to the staff.

I originally met Josh while he was coaching at CrossFit Seal Beach in 2011. Since then, his craft has taken him all over the world from Asia to the United Arab Emirates. Finally, he’s returned to Los Angeles to continue his journey. In doing so, he’s labored through our in-house three-phase testing and mentoring process (Coach’s Prep) to earn a place on the staff. He’s an except from his bio:

From a young age, Josh was introduced to a multitude of sports, Skateboarding, Karate, Soccer, and Basketball just to name a few. So, it was no surprise that along the way he grew a passion for human performance and movement.

Josh went to Cal State Northridge where he majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. The idea was to go back to grad school and Master in Athletic Training, but soon after graduation he found Crossfit, and never looked back.

His passion and drive for what he does led him to amazing opportunities, such as living and coaching in Shenzhen, China, then followed right after by moving to Dubai.

Now, back in his hometown of L.A., Josh set his eyes on DEUCE, and was willing to do all it took to be a part of this world class team.

“I am so blessed to have traveled the world doing what I love. My passion and fire for learning is as bright as ever. The human body is such a complex organism, and science is always finding new developments in the advancement of health and human performance. I love it. And I plan to ever educate myself and try my best to pass on that knowledge to all who are willing and eager to listen and learn.”

Please help us welcome Josh to the team and give him a high five when you see him around. Way to lead, Josh!


Logan Gelbrich



2/13/17 WOD


2 Squat Clean Thrusters


Then, Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

15 Barbell Rollouts

15 DB 1-Arm Row

5 Wall Walks