Sore Abs

Have you ever had really sore abs? The kind where a stray sneeze or cough almost takes you out. Screw laughing or trying to get out of bed in the morning. All of this seems impossible, and definitely carries a healthy amount of discomfort. The sneaky problem here is not the pain but the negative space. What you aren’t thinking about is the value. The value of these things we call abs.

They protect our spine. They hold us up. They are contracted all the time. They move. They support statically. They are always involved whether you are aware or not. Train them. Train them daily. Train them differently. If you are not sure of ways to train them, ask a coach.

“My abs are strong enough.” Never been said, and a false statement. For what? Certainly not for the unexpected bout with impact, or 10 mile walk carrying your sleeping toddler. Prepare for your life. Your trunk is always with you and your abs are a very important part of your meat suit. We have muscle to move, and to protect the important parts of our bodies. They are yours to build. What happens when your abs are stronger? Your deadlift goes up, your squat goes up, you can carry your kids longer, you are healthier after a fall, you are safer in a car wreck. Basically, the whole argument supports having stronger abs.


Danny Lesslie


2/10/17 WOD


Zercher Squat


Then, Complete 2 rounds for time of:

30 Pistols

30 DB Snatches (50/35)