All Pet Owners Can Afford to Be Healthy

While the human habit of self-sacrifice rages on, I feel fortunate to deal with the motivated few. In fact, I’d be writing this from my own helicopter right now if I had a dollar every time someone told me finances stood between them and their health. After all, training is expensive and so is quality food.

Nothing, of course, is more expensive to the mind than personal responsibility. We continually make deals and bargain with ourselves to avoid the burden of personal responsibility at all costs. While it’s far from the only obvious illogical human habit, you’d be surprised at how many of these people can afford pets, but can’t afford to be a mobile, active participant in the world via regular training practices. In fact, I’d argue every pet owner in America can, by definition, afford training.

Of course, this conversation can continue forever and we can shed light on folks that “can’t” afford training who have cars that connect to the Internet, can drive 150MPH, and have more TV screens than my household. Having a $700 cell phone seems just as silly. Lest we ignore the irony of Americans stockpiling dry goods, ammo, and get-away bunkers by the thousands of dollars in preparation for the end of the world, but are unfit for the brisk hike to their paranoid dungeon when the alarm goes off.

While, irrational behavior is neither unique to fitness nor new to humanity, at least we should point out that if you’re telling “shoulda-coulda-woulda” stories about why you’re exempt from this responsibility you should realize that no one believes you (except the others who are also unwilling to take responsibility).


Logan Gelbrich


12/2/16 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Partner Assisted Hollow Rocks

5 Dive Rolls

3 Candle Stick Rolls



Then, AMRAP 10

15′ Handstand Walk

15 KB Swings (70/53)

15 Cal Row