When I tell you the process to become a coach here at DEUCE Gym is rigorous, I mean it. It’s tough, in fact, to encapsulate what is actually a relentless process with some kind of descriptive sentence or two seems improbable. All men and women interested in coaching here must enroll in ‘Coach’s Prep,’ which is a three part program with a mentorship, weekend classroom meetings, and written, verbal, and practical testing levels. Few join, most quit.

Half of the course is putting budding coaches through a program that will prepare them for the vast array of coaching responsibilities demanded of them in strength and conditioning. The other half is a gut check. Do you want to be a leader in this community or not? We don’t take this lightly.

For an individual like Chris who has more than a decade of coaching experience coupled with an understanding of movement both in theory and in practice at the highest level, Coach’s Prep is usually an unnecessary barrier to entry. Most Chris Piñedos don’t stick around to jump through these standard holding hoops.

Keep in mind, the guy doesn’t just know how to exercise. That’s silly. He’s traveled the world as a professional B-Boy, expressing movement in arguably one of the most unrestricted, creative arenas known to man at the highest level. Understanding is one thing, but having the desire and ability to teach is something else. Chris has it all. Not only could you make a case that over-qualified individuals like Chris don’t need Coach’s Prep, they surely can make a living faster elsewhere. For a select few, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Chris was down for the squeeze. He’s is committed and motivated to be a part of the magic here. Not only has he paid his dues long before he ever started training here, Chris willingly paid his dues again the DEUCE Gym way. We’re proud to announce that Coach Chris will be added to our remarkable roster of coaches and you can  soon expect to see him coaching Friday’s GPP class at noon and 5:30PM, and some Saturday sessions.

Also, there’s more! Keep an eye out for DEUCE Gymnastics, a specialty course rooted in bodyweight movement mastery, from Chris in the coming weeks!


Logan Gelbrich


11/4/16 WOD


50 Pistols

40 Pullups

30 DB Push Presses (50/30)

20 Box Jumps (24/20)

10 Cal Row