Don’t Take Fish When You Can Hold the Reel

While us coaches hold space for an environment that helps athletes of all levels of commitment, it’s in your best interest to learn how to move. In other words, though we’re handing out fresh fish and teaching fishing lessons, you ought to learn to fish.

You can show up fifty-one seconds before class start, sort of pay attention, and mostly think about an email thread from work and you’ll magically end up sweaty and safe an hour and nine seconds later. What’d you’d get is a good workout in and some transferable fitness results. What you’d miss, however, would be a growing understanding of movement that, not unlike language, would help you to teach yourself, critique yourself, and create something new.

We’ll always teach in a way that meets our students on any level they wish, but if you’re smart you’ll perk up for the higher learning that available here. You’d be surprised at the movement maestro you can become!


Logan Gelbrich


11/7/16 WOD

400m Run
Max Hang Cleans [185/135]
– rest 4 mins –
500m Row
Max Burpees to Plate