Train Like an Athlete; Get Treatment

While DEUCE Gym seems to, in some ways, be different, there are prevailing mindsets that associate legitimate training with injury. This worldview connects barbell training, sprinting, tire flipping, and the movements that consumes the imagery of athletic training in one’s mind as not fit for consumption for regular humans. They’ll say these things are reserved for a select minority of remarkable athletes. According to this understanding, normal folks just automatically rack up countless visits to the physical therapist.

Now, of course, my thoughts differ greatly. Have you ever heard the nearly ubiquitous statistic that “one in three car accidents happens within one mile of home“? Well, so have I, and while it seems like an interesting significant bit of information, this stat (like most) can be shaped to be misleading. So, many car accidents happen (shockingly) within one mile of home, because, well that’s where we spend our time. It’s not because we’re unconsciously less safe in a magic one mile bubble. How would you get to some place further than one mile of your home, anyway? You’d drive through that one mile ring around your home to get there, of course. Bill Burr has a great joke about providing a rebuttal to worry worts that warn about the fact that most shark attacks happen within a hundred yards of the beach. To which he says, “Of course, they do! That’s where the people are!”

Training is similar. While “CrossFit keeps chiropractors and physical therapists in business,” consider that chiropractors and PTs are in the business of treating movers. You know who doesn’t go to get treatment? Coach potatoes. In fact, athletes of the highest caliber and beacons for health get treatment regularly. While you could argue seeking treatment is an unfavorable extra burden, what about chronic disease? After all, diabetes is no reason to see a chiropractor, right? While I would see a therapist for some elbow tendinitis, I wouldn’t see one for obesity.

Train like an athlete. Get treated like an athlete. Catch my drift?



Logan Gelbrich


11/3/16 WOD


EVEN: 3 Deadlifts (AHAP)

ODD: 10 DB Snatches (50/30)