Choose 007 Savvy

I’m talking about polish. This savvy, cunning feature only true of ladies and gentlemen of the discerning type is the difference maker between the professional and the amateur. It’s the hallmark of a buttoned up human.

Whether you wear white gloves and know the Waltz is beside the point, but I view this finally tuned characteristic as something we ought to pursue in all of life’s facets. Surely, a savvy man or woman should be able to dine with diplomats and hold conversation, but it doesn’t stop there.

How can one have “savv” in relationships? In the gym? While driving on the road?

The same way one would at tea with the Queen, of course. You grow up. You raise your game. After all, most of this “polish” comes from awareness, right? When you think of people that lack it, they’re the one’s cracking jokes in a moment of somber reflection. They’re missing the point. They’re unaware.

To be savvy is to be aware. Without awareness to who you are, the situation you’re in, and the perspectives around you, you might be that guy talking to royalty with your mouth open like a fool. You’d miss the point in the weight room. You’ll ruin vibes in any setting. So, do the opposite.

Let your awareness button you up to 007 status. Rudyard Kipling’s “If” tends to carry major weight around here. I’ve mentioned it before time and time again. Read it. Then, read it again.


Logan Gelbrich



5/3/16 WOD

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

50 Double Unders

10 Cleans (155/105)