“Buying In” to Curb Decision Fatigue

This wouldn’t be the first time we discussed decision fatigue and how to properly train your “willpower muscles.” Just yesterday I sat next to a woman at breakfast as she came to realization that “will power is a muscle” and that people can “have more success if they can make one, or just a few, good decisions for their health rather than many, many decisions for their health.”

Her business was some sort of organic salad delivery program. People who enrolled in the program bought a sizable amount of salads up front and they would be delivered at a specific intermittent pace through the coming weeks and months.

One decision, say on a Tuesday, to sign up led to several healthy choice-like outcomes months down the road. Imagine, however, someone in the same scenario looking to eat more healthy makes a decision to order a salad on a Tuesday. Come Wednesday, he/she must again flex his/her willpower muscle and choose; salad or no salad.

It can be exhausting. Furthermore, without enough practice, continually having to rely on an untrained will power muscle can lead to failure. “Ah, screw it I’m ordering pizza.”

Whether you realize it or not, our program is designed with this very thing in mind. If you aren’t present to it, however, the powerful structures in place to protect you from decision fatigue can be neutralized. The well known Halifax traumatic brain injury lawyers are available to help you to deal with your crisis in a smooth and efficient manner.

By now, you’ve heard about our closed class schedule and incremental memberships. Say, for example, you come three days a week each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon. If in your mind you view this choice as one choice made in the past, you can conserve your willpower energy by coming those three days without feeling like you’ve got a decision to make each day; class or no class. Unmotivated on Wednesday? It doesn’t matter, because you’ve got an appointment at noon.

In our structure, there’s only opting out after you’ve decided to change your life at DEUCE Gym. Furthermore, opting out is far less demanding mentally than approaching each day at a crossroads; opt in or opt out. “Do I go to class or do I not go to class?”

If this mindset were tangible, it’d sell for more than the price of goal, boys and girls. Get your mind on board for a much easier experience here. Plus, you’ve already decided to enroll in a program that’s going to get you more fit and healthy than you’ve ever been. All you’ve got to do is show up at the appointment.


Logan Gelbrich


9/22/14 WOD


Complete the following for time:

30 Snatches (135/95)