Stop Trucking, Get on Pace

In the running world, there’s a term called “trucking” where the athlete has one gear. Whether it’s a short race, a long race, hilly, or otherwise, they’ll be trucking along at the same speed.

Life has its “truckers,” too. The problem with that is that life, like races, present all kinds of scenarios.  Some scenarios demand a sprint, while others benefits most from a slow, grinding pace. I’d go as far to say that there’s great value in being able to toggle from running lead in the rat race, to displaying Ghandi-like patience, and owning that day-in-day-out mid range gear.

For me, I feel like I’ve been on a Star Tours warp speed-like pace the last year or so. I’m aware of it. I know it takes a toll, but I also know it’s important right now. The one thing that has kept me in it is knowing that it’s temporary and practicing living in third gear for short periods of time.

How successful are you at shifting gears? Do you notice what gear you seem to default to? Would you benefit by speeding some time living at an unfamiliar pace?


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:



6 Jump Squats

6 Presses (95/65)

-Rest 2 min-


6 Squats

6 Push Press