Your Best

I am the beginning.

I am further.

I am heavier and faster.

I am past the known.

Over the edge.

Push Forward.

You must reach into the dark.

You must jump.

You must crawl.

You must claw and scratch.

Push Forward.

My gate is adorned with your fears.

My staircase built with your doubts.

My hallways echo with your cries.

Sweat and tears drown the weak.

Pain is your companion.

Muscles quivering.

Push Forward.

Chest pounding.

Breathing labored.

Bleeding hands.

Push Forward.

I am to be claimed.

Bring all your savagery.

You must be vicious.

Diabolical pursuit.

Violent passion.

Push Forward.

This is where I am.

Dreams are here.


I am your best.


When is the last time you left it all on the table?


Danny Lesslie


Monday’s Workout:

Find 3 RM Turkish Get Up

5 rounds:
In 30 seconds:
60m Shuttle
Max Russian KB Swings (53/35)
-Rest 30 Seconds-

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