The Pictures Don’t Lie

This past Sunday’s Endurance class allowed for some video analysis. And like learning anything physical, sometimes it take seeing yourself in action to understand what’s really happening. For me as a baseball player, video was a crucial tool for me to understand what was showing up in my swing as the season went on. Strength and conditioning can benefit from a little John Maddon-like video breakdown, too, because everything thing we do is skill-based.

Yes… even running.

Take for instance this photo of Dan Estes running. At this point, we’ve got him trying a whole slew of new things and he’s uncomfortable and frustrated, but surprisingly well put together considering how he probably felt at the time.

Dan "breaking."

Dan “breaking.”

The line I’ve drawn down the middle of his body is his center of gravity also runs through his center of gravity. You’ll notice that his point of contact with the ground (his front foot) lies just in front of his center of gravity. Logic says any contact he makes in front of his midline, then, impedes his own forward motion, which means he’s doing more work to achieve the same goal. As a runner, feeling this can be difficult, but seeing it is believing!

We also used video as a coaching tool heavily at Barbell Club, but if you ever find yourself wishing you could see yourself through a coach’s eyes reach out to your coach for some video. It could be all you need for things to “click.”


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Part A
In 10 minutes:
Run 1 Mile
In the time remaining, AMRAP:
5 Squats
5 Burpees

-Rest 5 Minutes-

Part B
Repeat Part A


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