DEUCE Diaries: Postpartum Series

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One of the programs we’re most proud of at DEUCE is the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series. This isn’t CrossFit for pregnant women, people, it’s the world’s most comprehensive educational program for

Quantified Fitness

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I’ll never forget asking my mentor at the time, Andy Petranek, about CrossFit. It was probably a random Tuesday and I asked him, “So, is CrossFit it? Like if you

Are You Distracted?

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Distraction is easy. At various times, we’re all a bit guilty of succumbing to it. Less important, however, than becoming distracted is understanding why it’s so damn easy. I’ll tell

Your Best

I am the beginning. I am further. I am heavier and faster. I am past the known. Over the edge. Push Forward. You must reach into the dark. You must