Are You Distracted?

Distraction is easy. At various times, we’re all a bit guilty of succumbing to it. Less important, however, than becoming distracted is understanding why it’s so damn easy. I’ll tell you why it’s easy. The “here and now” is a scary place. It’s real. It requires accountability.

You see it may seem obvious, but the the past is beyond our control and the future isn’t yet within reach of our control, either. Forward and backward thinking are, in some ways, a cop out, in my opinion.

Got a bad past experience? I’m sorry to hear that. It is completely irrelevant right now, however. So, let’s get back to business. Where are you right this moment?

Worried about the future? Brilliant! The moment you can act in the future, I’ll begin to listen to your concerns. Until further notice, we create our future with actions in the here and now.

We all have inner dialogue. It’s self talk. And, for most people, this self talk is a conversation that’s easiest just avoided all together. How does one do that you ask? Diverting energy away from the self and into distractions if the best way to bob and weave around reality. Facebook and iPhone games are easy surface level examples, but things get a bit more serious when you start getting into alcohol or drugs. Others distract themselves with relationships or “the chase” of relationships. Want to know a great place to avoid that inner dialogue? Go to a night club. Heck, it’s so dark and the music is so loud, it’s virtually impossible to answer to yourself there. You’d be surprised at the unique places people can and will divert energy, especially when it means diverting it somewhere, anywhere away from  answering to “self.”

Do you see where I am going with this?

Believe me, I spend enough time of Facebook for an entire city block. But, I am aware of the moment and my presence in it. I am answering to my own judgments, thoughts, worries, and beliefs. Displacing this inner monologue is like the world’s biggest game of procrastination. The conversation is happening whether you want to be present to it or not. So, if you do one thing for yourself, make it be clearing your mind of distractions and start listening to your self talk. All that you want to know (and everything you pretend you don’t want to know) can be found right here in the moment with you, you, and yourself.


Logan Gelbrich

8/2/13 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
12 Ring Rows
12 Push Ups

Then, complete the following for time:
Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
Burpee Box Jumps