A Pep Talk in Your Pocket

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Ever needed a pep talk in your back pocket? Pep talks get old and sometimes when you need them most is when you’re least in the mood to hear them.

DEUCE Seminar: Nate Helming

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Every time someone walks through our front gate, we like to reinforce the idea that they’ve entered a house of learning. In that way, we have invited our friend, a

Are You Distracted?

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Distraction is easy. At various times, we’re all a bit guilty of succumbing to it. Less important, however, than becoming distracted is understanding why it’s so damn easy. I’ll tell

Comfort in Conversation

Ah, the olde tug-o-war in training. Dancing between the stress of a maximal effort and the comfort of easing back on the throttle in training is a well documented experience.