Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Lives

The 2013 Whole Life Challenge was a raging success for our community. With the challenge wrapped up this past Saturday, we’re all back to our regularly schedules lives. One could argue, however, that these next few days are more critical than any inside of the last 8 weeks.

As a fitness school, Functional Fitness on the Bluffs isn’t interested in short term, unsustainable success. We are about a lifestyle of performance. As many of us know (all too well), things can go bad as fast or faster than the last 8 weeks of progress. The question, then, becomes, what is your plan of action for life going forward? What are the lessons you’ve learned? What things are more important to you now that weren’t so important before we started? Conversely, what things that were important to you before the challenge are less important now?

WLC 2013: Top 15 Challengers

      1. Taylor Gelbrich
      2. Michael Arnold
      3. Jon Klein
      4. Denise Prince
      5. Andrew Jayne
      6. Susan McCreary
      7. Larry Sorsby
      8. Saul Zambrano
      9. Jenny Peddie
      10. Cheryl Scott
      11. Terry Sorsby
      12. Mary Lesslie
      13. Kevin Lesslie
      14. Amanda Prather
      15. Nikki Pounds

I urge all  61 of you challengers to celebrate. I am. The last eight weeks were nothing short of remarkable for most of you. But, before you create a lifestyle that will inevitably erase all of your diligence over the passed eight weeks, ‘Priority #1’ ought to be deciding what life will look like from now on.

What’s your plan?

Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

Spend 15 minute on the “Hollow Body” postion

5 rounds:
In 3 minutes:
1 Min Plank Hold
200m Run
Max Goblet Squats
-Rest 90 seconds-


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