OK, maybe not every American struggles from addiction in the traditional sense with drugs or alcohol. One could make a pretty damn good argument, however, that a vast majority of Americans do suffer from addiction of a different kind. Subject matter experts in academia understand that our sugar dependence isn’t much different than an addiction to cocaine.

Don’t believe me? Avoid all sweeteners, added sugars, sugar replacements, and processed foods for 10 days cold turkey. When you walk into the local candy store in with a ski mask and a pistol, I’ll get the last laugh.

For those of you that are entering Day 4 of The Whole Life Challenge with us, this concept is very real. Depending on your most recent dietary history, you may be experiencing some pretty strong withdrawals right now. Headaches, fatigue, and cravings are all distinct markers of a glucose addiction.


This is all normal. What’s critical in these first few days is to stay the course. Endure this discomfort because finding a fix to spike your insulin will just delay this very necessary step, prolong your insulin resistance, and lead you further in the wrong direction. Regulating your hormones, specifically insulin, is going to be critical for body composition changes, general health, and energy levels.

If you’re in the middle of coming down off your sugar habit, beware of subconscious consumption of fruit and starchy carbohydrates to accomplish the same goal that your morning cereal and favorite desserts provide. And, pay attention to these struggles as they are the perfect lessons in the power of food.

Respect your nutrition.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

3 rounds:
1 Min Max Burpee to Plate
1 Min Max Russian KB Swings (2/1.5)
1 Min Push Ups
1 Min Max 20m Shuttles
-Rest 1 Min-

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