Mastering Outcomes

Navigating life’s ocean of variables and outside influences sometimes makes it impossible to think we have any control of our outcomes. Heck, you can do everything right. From a stellar resume to quality recommendations and a passionate attitude, if you get stuck behind an overturned truck on your way to the job interview, you’re not getting the job.

These kinda of things were the name of the game when I was playing baseball. I mean think about it.. Put in years of work, step in the box with a clear mind and a competitors attitude, get your foot down on time, expect a pitch, happen to get that pitch (94 MPH fastball middle-away), put a good swing on it (on time & on line), and square it up… only to line out to the shortstop. Where’s the justice in that?

Life is the same way. Live and breathe the process, or you’ll die in the results.

Literally, you’ll go clinically insane or you’ll die before you can make sense of life’s outcomes. Before I start sounding too negative, however, keep in mind there is something we can do.

Take care of what you can control. 

When you really get good at mastering the elements within your control and connect that with the idea that concerning yourself with anything else is worthless, you’re home free. You can fail with peace of mind, while creating a reality that will include a hell of a lot more successes than you would have any other way.

Nikki Pounds getting dunked in the Hydrostatic Body Fat tank.

Nikki Pounds getting dunked in the Hydrostatic Body Fat tank.

The Whole Life Challenge is an incredible tool to teach this lesson. Think about what is within the grasp of your control.. effort, preparation, and attitude. I’d bet if you handled your business in those three areas you’ll get any result you’d ever hope for.


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

30 Front Squats (155/115)

3 rounds:
400m Run
20 KB Snatches (53/35)
10 Squats
5 Clapping Push Ups



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