​​Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

I try to steer clear of sports references in these blogs in hopes that these words will resonate more effectively but sports provides so many lessons and truths that coincide with life. With that being said, football tends to speak to the majority of us as most people spend their Sunday afternoons watching their favorite team and it’s become such a cultural staple for many of us. So let’s talk some football.

The running back is one of the marquis positions played. They get big contracts, a lot of TV time, and a lot of praise when they play well. Football is undoubtedly a team sport but without these star players it becomes much harder to win games in the NFL. Last Sunday I was watching a game where the announcers were going on and on about the leading rusher in the NFL, Jonathan Taylor. He’s physical and he’s fast and he has great vision yada yada. However, what they failed to mention was that the offensive line was also ranked number 1 in the NFL.

This is a similar correlation that plays out almost every year, where the leading rusher in the league also has the best offensive line. When you think about it this it makes obvious sense but the fact is that the O-line rarely gets any love, they just go about their business snap after snap with precision and humility.

The reality in life and business is that there will always be a “star” of the show. There will always be a leader and someone who receives more recognition than the others but they are nothing without their team. The problem only arises when we become consumed with the idea of being noticed because that desire only makes the team suffer in the end. To create something incredible or accomplish great things it takes a team and when every member of that team is committed to the success of the whole, that is when individuals get to shine through.

Teamwork is a mindset and it requires an incredible amount of humility. Commit to something greater than yourself and watch what it does for you individually. You just might love the outcome.

1/11/22 WOD


Test 1RM Back Squat

Then, complete 2 rounds of the following:

8 Back Squat (4,0,1,0)

Then, complete the following for time:

1 7th Street Corner Run
30 DL DB Deadlifts (45/30)
20 DL DB Squats 
1 Bull Run
25 DL DB Deadlifts
25 DL DB Squats
1 6th Street Run
20 DL DB Deadlifts
30 DL DB Squats


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 1-Arm DB Push Presses + 100’ OH Carry (ea)
12 Med Ball Knee-Knee-Throw-to-Sit Up Series

Strict Press (+2-5lbs from last week)

Then, complete 3 rounds for reps of:

:60 Max Cal Assault Bike
:60 Max Axle Front Rack Reverse Lunges (95/65)
:60 Max Lateral Burpees Over-the-Parallelette
:60 Max Wall Balls
-Rest 1 Min-