Dropping the Ball and Beyond

I’ll never forget watching a childhood friend’s first NFL game. He was making his big break right before my eyes (and millions others watching on TV). Then there was the pass. Future mayor of the DEUCE 9:00am GPP class, Donovan McNabb, threw a bomb to my Little League teammate Desean Jackson. Jackson’s world-class speed meant he made the reception beyond the defense and had an uncontested short run to what would be his first career touchdown in the NFL. 

Rather than realizing a lifelong dream, a showboating Jackson famously dropped the ball momentarily before crossing the goal line. The Cowboys challenged the play and a video replay showed that the ball was to be placed at the one yard line

The Cowboy’s would go on to beat Jackson’s Eagles 41-37. Welcome to the league, kid. 

The reason I share the story with you is that we love the narrative that we get one chance and we can’t let it slip. Heavy emphasis is placed on first impressions and we place realizing opportunities on a pedestal that can make them precious and consequential. Sometimes we do this in ways that are neither true nor helpful. 

I can’t think of a dumber, more bonehead play than to be a rookie in the NFL and show off on your first  career touchdown to the point that you drop the ball at the one yard line uncontested and eventually cost your team the victory on national television. It’s a living nightmare. 

This, of course, changed the course of his career and cost Desean his dreams, right? Wrong. Desean promptly went on to become a multi-time Pro Bowl player. The first player in history to be selected to the Pro Bowl for two different positions in the same year. As of writing, he has played thirteen NFL seasons.

Life is long. Don’t make your first impressions so precious. You’ve got your whole life to tell your story.

3/17/21 WOD


8 DB Push Presses 
7 Single Dbl Goblet Lateral Split Squat (ea)
10 Alt Jumping Lunges

Complete the following with a partner:

 “You Go, I Go”
100 Pushups
100 Air Squats
100m Bear Crawl (10m)
100m Walking Lunges (10m)
10 Island Runs


Complete 4 round for quality of:
6-8 1-Arm Strict Presses + Max Push Presses (:90 cap)
12 Push Ups to Downward Dog

Then, AMRAP 2
Max Burpees
-Max Rest in Plank-

Immediately into, AMRAP 2
Max Burpees

Then, complete 8 rounds for quality of:
:20 Overhead DB Hollow Hold
-Rest :10-


Make 5 attempts at the following:
4 Broad Jump to Vertical Jump

Back Squat

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
8 DB Split Squats – Left
8 DB Split Squats – Right
20 Alt Rev. DB Lunges
-Rest as Needed-

Then, complete the following for time:
30 Alt 1-Arm DB Clean and Jerk (70/50)
800m Run