The Forgotten Technique: Attitude

You’ve heard the maxim before. “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” Except what I’m talking about today isn’t describing a “how” technique. Rather, I’m talking about attitude! And, not in the corny sense, either. 

There are things in life that transcend doing the right things in the right order.

Romance, weightlifting, playing the saxophone, and combat are four very different behaviors that share this distinctive trait, for example. No one gets goosebumps listening to a well behaved saxophone player. 

In the gym it comes up when I talk about speed. Speed is as much about doing the right things in the right order (mechanics) as it is a mentality (attitude). Expressing power includes good mechanics but requires a violent intent. 

Most of the juicy things in life are nothing like building Ikea furniture. You can’t just do Step 1 and then do Step 2 and so one until you have the bookshelf you wanted. You’ve got to have a goddamn attitude about life and make things happen with passion. 

Keep going.

4/13/22 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

10 Barbell Good Morning
8 Half Kneeling Dumbbell Overhead Press (ea)

Then, complete 3 rounds for time:

1 6th Street Hill Run
10 Sandbag Squats (AHAP)
20 Pull Ups


Seated Box Jump

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

12 Alt. Side Med Ball Slams
12 Alt. Plate OH Reverse Lunge

Then, complete the following for time:

1600m Run
4 rounds:
15 Slam Balls
30 Air Squats