Goal #1: Upset No One

While this article isn’t an article about social media, the catalyst for it started there. I want to acknowledge the growing polarity today about speaking your mind, Cancel Culture, the onslaught of idea sharing during the age of information, and the ironic fear associated with the consequences for doing so.

On August 25, 2020 I made a post on social media about presence as a tool for effective communication. Key to my message was that it’s not what you say that matters, but what is heard. My case study example was the King of Pop, the greatest to ever do it, Michael Jackson. He also is notably front and center to multiple unthinkable atrocities against children. For the sake of higher consciousness integration, he is both (not one or the other). 

I received two (2) specifically notable personal responses to that post on August 25th. One individual expressed her disappointment in me for acknowledging an abuser like Michael Jackson’s career. The other was so moved that he and his business partner said it was the deciding factor to take on concultacy from me. Surely there were other reaches, but the notable responses were clear: one woman was pissed and another gentlemen signed up for coaching.

I’ll tell you that the impact made on the lives of those who were moved into taking action, their families, their clients, and the members of their country for which they serve far outweighs upsetting someone’s afternoon in my opinion. Not to mention that singlar post drove $19,500 in advisory revenue. While not everything is about money, if I choose to make sure to upset no one, I’d be $20,000 less capable of providing for myself and my employees and their be a business in Australia spinning its wheels. 

This post isn’t about social media (or Michael Jackson for that matter), it’s about putting your valuable work into the world despite the potential consequences. None of us can afford to live life on defense. If you ask me, being successful at upsetting no one guarantees you won’t find success in anything else. The choice seems simple when you put it that way.

4/6/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:
8 Pendlay Rows
8 Chin Ups
8 Side Bends (ea)

Min 1: :20 Max Lateral Plyo Skier Hops
Min 2: :30 Max Push Ups
Min 3: 7th Street Sprint


Make 3 attempts of the following cluster for load:
2 Back Squats
-Rest :20-
2 Back Squats 
-Rest :20-
2 Back Squats
-Rest as Needed-

10 Wall Balls
10 Cal Row

-Rest 3 Min-

5 Squat Snatches 
10 Calorie Row

-Rest 3 Min-

5 Thrusters
10 Cal Row


Strict Press 

Then, perform 3 rounds for quality:
20 DB Seesaw Bent Over Rows
:30 Ring Support
12 Tate Presses

Then, complete the following for time:
1000m Row


3 Rounds:
15 DB Ground-to-Shoulder (50/35)
15 DB Shoulder-to-Overhead


800m Run