Breath & Exposure Seminars Added

Haven’t been exposed to our new facility yet? We’ve transformed a secluded area of the gym into a heat, ice, and breathwork zone complete with a shower, three ice baths, a sauna, and deck for breathwork. It is the official home of DEUCE Breath & Exposure.

We’re pleased to announce that the following two seminar dates will be open to the public:

Saturday May 18th (1-4pm)

Saturday June 1st (1-4pm)

Here’s a look inside the B&E Curriculum:

NASAL BREATHING: This ain’t just about increasing “parasympathetic tone”… Learn and experience the benefits of nasal breathing for performance and for health, to improve your C02 tolerance and feel better.

APNEA: A fancy word for any breath hold, we’re borrowing from the best diver’s apnea protocols to take your lungs to the next level..

HYPOXIA: Interested in reaping some of the same benefits of high altitude training, at sea level? You’ll learn how systematically training with low oxygen lends itself to massive improvements in aerobic capacity.  

COLD EXPOSURE: Did you know our nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, and muscular systems all have natural mechanisms in place to handle cold adaptation? Boost your immune system, rev your metabolism, and increase circulation & feel good hormones, including dopamine and norepinephrine.

HEAT EXPOSURE: Newsflash! Sauna time can improve longevity, endurance and aerobic capacity, cognitive function, our skin and our immune system, and also stimulate muscle growth. From clinic to 101 to 202, our B&E curriculum offers progressively more advanced experience and information to help you best utilize the sauna for your performance and health goals.

COMMUNITY: Mandatory. The backbone and x-factor to all of this.

DEUCE members get a substantial seminar discount. Ready to reserve your spot? ENROLL NOW.


Logan Gelbrich


5/9/19 WOD


Box Squat



400m Run

10 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups