Bubbles: The Pros & Cons

We’re in a bubble. Our gym community might be the most stereotypical bubble you’ll find, in fact. As eclectic as the community is, we are an insulated group, nonetheless.

Here’s the thing. Bubbles are great. They curate an environment with norms and energy that supports specific pursuits and outcomes. These kinds of bubbles can help, inspire, and protect the people inside them in very positive ways. Hell, I’m grateful for the benefits of our bubble.

Bubbles can also be problematic. They generally reinforce limited perspectives. They can trick us into believing that how things are inside the bubble is how things are everywhere, and of course that’s not true. It’s a big world out there and sometimes it pays to see it.

What assumptions might you be making while you experience life from within our bubble? 

Logan Gelbrich


5/10/19 WOD

Accumulate 3 minutes inverted…



High Step Up Negatives



Turkish Get Ups


Complete for time:

3x 500m Row

-Rest as needed-


**Record slowest round score