Research Supports Skill Transfer of Grit

Research now shows that your unwillingness to quit, which some call “follow through” or others call “grit,” is a hyper transferable skill. Simply put, enrolling in an elective process like schooling, a sport, or skill-based hobby for two years or longer makes us resistant to quitting even if you then decide to stop the pursuit. (Duckworth)

Tough out two or more years in a graduate school program, and you’re much more likely to follow through in future endeavors regardless if they are in education. In fact, the opposite is true, as well. Committing yourself to something and not following through increases your likelihood of being faulty in your future commitments, even if they are of a different kid.

Angela Duckworth, the master on the topic of grit, has spent more time on the subject than anyone and as a result has unraveled the keys to success that many of us probably had a hunch about. Time and time again, the resilient win (often despite poor odds) and quitters don’t have much of a chance at all. The latest good news, though, is that grit isn’t specific. Imagine committing to DEUCE Gym through thick and thin for two or more years. Besides the remarkable fitness, the research suggests that you’d be a tough one to break in relationships, career choices, and any other commitment there after.


Logan Gelbrich


10/28/16 WOD


Strict Press


Then, AMRAP 15

1 Rope Climb

100’ Sandbag Carry (AHAP)

50 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)