Quitting is Always in Vogue

You know what’s hot? “Switching it up.” You know what’s not (and never will be)? Planting a goddamn flag in the ground and saying “This is mine!”

The reason we are compelled to bouncing around like non-committal beginners full of wanderlust is because it’s easier, not because it better. Commitment to starting a never ending journey is hard. Staying committed when its honey moon phase is over is harder. Defending your ground when the walls of life encroach you with adversity is the hardest. Therefore, getting remarkable things done will always be harder than not getting it done. As a result, you won’t find holding your ground to get what you came for in vogue.

Bad mother fuckers aren’t fair-weather players. While I can understand, why getting things done isn’t popular, I don’t validate tendencies to quit on ourselves. Figure out what you want, start, and hold on for dear life. It’s not going to get easier and no one cares.

As John Welbourn would say, “No one is coming to save you.”



Logan Gelbrich


8/19/16 WOD


Weighted Dips



Weighted Pull Ups


Then, EMOM until failure:

2, 4, 6, 8.. Goblet Squats (50/30)

**An athlete’s score is the last round score before he/she cannot complete the prescribed work in any given minute