The Struggle Isn’t Real

News flash! It’s a hoax. The “grind” isn’t a thing and, no, the struggle is not real. I mean, I guess it could be if that’s all that comes out of your mouth, but consider this. If you walk around all day thinking that you’re “fighting the good fight,” making it to the gym when you can to cut down on a debit you have piling up in calories (which is a made up concept, by the way) you’ll never be able to enjoy this. Ever. So cut the commando act.

This is a mindset that robs you from the chance to learn and grow roots into some lifestyle habits that aren’t a repentance for a life of nutritional sin. Calm down. Breath. Everything is everything in life, so you might as well live it up and when you come to train consider it training rather than a bandied for a job not-so-well done in your day-to-day. Try a new perspective. In this mindset, you’re treating yourself to a life long discipline. It’s fitness karate and you’re getting your black belt.

I bet you’ll surprise yourself in your fitness gains and your enjoyment of it if you drop the struggle bus act. Try it!


Logan Gelbrich


2/25/16 WOD


Bench Press


Then, complete 5 rounds for time of:

50′ Sled Push

6 Man Makers (AHAP)

20 Situps