In Search of Perfect Intensity

During our dialogue in our FREE ‘Intro Session’ where prospective students learn about the gym, we are careful to explain what CrossFit is and what it isn’t. It’s during this time that we inevitably talk about intensity as an essential part of our program.

We discuss an peculiar fork in the road. There are two key areas of focus for us when it comes to intensity. The first is that we need it. Intensity yields adaptation. Since zero percent of us are trying to exercise to stay the same, we’ll need to illicit some change. In that way, intensity is our friend.

Second, we know that intensity is relative. What’s intense for you is different than what’s intense for me. Furthermore, asking one athlete to meet the power output of another without regard for each’s relative capacity is unrealistic and arguably often counter to our goal in the first place of increasing fitness.

In that way, our coaches (and athletes) are searching for the perfect intensity. It’s in this sweet spot where you’ll capture the fitness improvement you’re after and the faster you can get there and the more precise you can be with it, the better fitness experience you’ll have.

If you’re an athlete, this is a two way street. Pay attention. The clearer picture of what you can and cannot do will help you capture this “perfect intensity” and grow your fitness beyond your wildest imagination. If you’re not an active participant in this, you’ll always have your coach to help guide you, but progress will likely be half as remarkable.


Logan Gelbrich


6/12/15 WOD


1: 100′ Keg Carry
2: 10 Alternating DB Snatches (50/30)
3: :30 Max Double Unders