An Interest in Movement

I’ve got something I know you’ll be interested in. In fact, I know you’re interested in it. It’s looking, feeling, and performing better. We talked about it in your “Intro Session.” Sure, you might want some things more than other things. That’s natural. It’s why you’re here.

Now, let me help you. There’s something that you might not be interested in that is critical to getting closer to this look better, feel better, performance better goal set of yours. If you want to get better, you must be interested in moving better.

Here are the cold hard facts. We, as a population, do not move well these days.

It’s OK. When one doesn’t live in a way that includes moving through big ranges of motion, developing skill, and building functional strength, it’s inevitable to develop poor habits. That is us today.

The good news is we can fix it. However, if you’re coming here uninterested in moving better it’s no different than wanting to surf without getting wet. You interest in fitness demands of you an interest in better movement. Especially in the early days of your training, I’d like to encourage you to pour some real emotional fire power into being a better mover.

It’s this focus that is going to allow you to train, stay injury free, and reap the benefits of you hard work. Move better and the rest is history.


Logan Gelbrich


10/30/14 WOD

Front Squats (AHAP)



30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch (95/65)