DEUCE Enrollment: In to Win

If you take a blanket look at our membership structure, you’ll notice that the costs, time commitments, and procedures for pausing/stopping training aren’t really about business. It’s about coaching.

What we’ve cultivated is a structure that acts like a tool for success. Plain and simple, human nature does not and has not yielded much success for many people in health and fitness. Hard work is hard. Consistency is hard.

Here it’s different. Here there’s accountability, and you’re enrolled in a program that extends beyond simple emotions like motivation.

We ask that students commit to at least three months of training because regardless of what your emotions tell you, you’ll need to show up even when your not feeling good, motivated, or excited. Also, this is expensive for two reasons. The first is that good coaching is valuable and rare. Secondly, and arguably most importantly, when the going gets tough there are fewer more direct motivators than money when athletes begin to consider skipping class or falling off. We’d hope that you couldn’t afford to not get everything we have to offer.

This concept takes two to tango, however. Athletes have a responsibility to communicate. Commitment to these ideas is requisite for the desired response. We’re committed for the long haul with you. Are you?


Logan Gelbrich


10/29/14 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:
In 3 minutes,
400m Run
5 Burpees
10 Squats
15 KB Swings (53/35)
-Rest 3 min-