Being the Classmate You Want

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got an idea. Here it goes. We all, students and coaches alike, show up to 110 Lincoln for some version of the same goal. We all want to be better. Furthermore, I think we all could utilize our best asset a little better to get what we want quite honestly.

No, our biggest asset isn’t the training program on the whiteboard. It’s not the slew of training tools and equipment at the gym. It’s not even the coach leading the class. Our biggest asset is our strength in numbers. Our community is number one when it comes to power and influence in our lives.

It’s the reason why we can accomplish things in class that we can’t accomplish one-on-one. It’s the reason that shinier equipment doesn’t mean more performance.

The fact that we have an entire community with their sights set on a common goal makes us bulletproof. If we all are pulling from the same end of the rope, there’s no reason why we can’t have 100% success rates at the gym. There’s no reason that a single student should miss any goal.

But, what does that look like?

Think about being the classmate that you’d like to have. We all get busy or unmotivated at times, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a classmate pick you up when you start to slip? “Hey dude, where were you yesterday?” goes a long way, guys.

How would you react if a classmate tapped your shoulder after class and said, “Hey, do you want to do some extra mobilization before class together each week?” That’s exactly what you need (and secretly what you wish you were doing), and now you’re going to get it because of the accountability of this classmate.

Be that classmate.

In negotiating it’s called “expanding the pie.” In this environment, you getting your goals doesn’t subtract from someone else getting theirs. In fact, “the pie” isn’t finite at all. We can literally leverage each other so that we all get more out of the experience. It just takes us becoming exactly what we want for each other.

Who’s up for it?


Logan Gelbrich

8/26/13 WOD

Complete the following for time:

25 Back Squats (135/95)
100 Double Unders
50 KB Swings (70/53)
100 Double Unders
75 Walking Lunges
100 Double Unders