Scratching the Surface

Even the oldest DEUCE students have been coming for four weeks now. It’s early. No matter how positive your experience has been thus far, trust me, we’re just scratching the surface.

We’re just scratching the surface in so many ways, too. We’re just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skills, movements, fitness levels, progress, fun.. you name it.

Just today I walked up to the gym as the 5:30 PM class was going on. Over on the platforms, Don was teaching is renown Barbell Performance Specialty Course. Since it was just a couple days after his segment in The Box Magazine, I went up and razzed him about it. Then, of course, I congratulated him.

It was in that moment that I realized that the ten people training in the GPP class behind me didn’t yet have a clue about even a fraction of what lies inside Don’s head on the topic of weightlifting. “Oh, that’s Don. He’s the weightlifting coach,” they might say. Again, we’re scratching the surface.

This past Saturday’s ‘Skill and Drills’ session included multiple PRs, including one from none other than Lani Taylor. She clean and jerked 130lbs after multiple failed attempts for a new personal best. With plenty of room to go, you guessed it, she’s just scratching the surface.

Janet, for example, is aggressively taking a look at her nutrition with me and she’s on her way to the last frontier of her fitness. As incredible as her gains and experience will be, she, too, is still just scratching the surface.

Ah! I relish in this idea that we are charging forward, yet the potential still outweighs any marked progress we’ve enjoyed. That’s good news, y’all.  Keep grinding.


Logan Gelbrich


8/27/13 WOD

6x 400m Run
*Each round starts on the 5 minutes