A Community Feast

No, we aren’t having another social event quite yet. But, stay with me here. I think you’ll like what’s cooking regardless.

You see, as someone that is a part of this community, I’d like to recruit you to help take this community to the pinnacle. The work that I’m talking about isn’t too laborious and you’ll get to benefit from your contribution, as well. I think my college coach said it best. He said, “we
(the team) are all chefs. We all bring a different dish to the table. And, it’s because of this that we get to enjoy a giant feast greater than ourselves.”

Our community is a powerful place. But, remember it’s only powerful because of who is in it. You, then, being someone inside the community have a responsibility. Don’t just eat from the table. Contribute your meal to the feast. If not, and your just showing up to enjoy everyone else’s meals, then you’re leaching off of what’s been brought to the table. Leaching the contributions of others in the community is the only way our closed loop system becomes less-than-sustainable. One leech turns into two, which turns into three. And, there aren’t enough chefs in the world to fill the void made by those who aren’t contributing.

How do you contribute?

Honestly and vigorously attack your journey to self betterment. Your genuine presence and integrity are beautiful dishes worth bringing to the table. As long as we are all bringing a meal of integrity and genuine desire to be better to the table, this community will be propelled until the end of time.

How’s that for sustainable forward motion?


Logan Gelbrich

7/30/13 WOD

Strict Pull Ups

4x 800m Run
-Rest 2 Minutes-