Strength Days

Arguably the biggest failure of any general physical preparedness (GPP) program is having a lack of heavy days. For whatever reason, it’s quite easy to program metabolic conditioning in the 10-15 minute range all day everyday and let strength take a back seat. This vital error is motivated by a multitude of factors, including student body opinions.

I get it. We all want to “grip it and rip it” for twelve minutes and finish the day on our backs in a pool of sweat. It feels good, it’s empowering, and it seems like you’re drinking fitness gains through a fire hose. I’m with you.

Today’s training session, however, is seven different efforts in the hang clean. Now, they are doubles, so there will be a bit more stress on the system than if we were doing singles, but trust me, no one will finish the day gasping for air. We’re talking 14 total reps with enough rest between each set to hang out at the water cooler and talk about Game of Thrones. But, if we do it right, these strength sessions will be just as hard (in their own way) and just as important (if not more) as our traditional met-con days. Plus, it’s strength days that get us to the goals we love to set anyway, like doing workouts as prescribed or making PR lifts.

I challenge you to come ready to live outside of your comfort zone for fourteen reps today. I’m personally anxious about this workout, because I’m coming into it with a great deal of responsibility. A strength session done right is no easy day.


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

Hang Clean