When “Going Light” is Wrong

Controversial title, I know. Here’s the deal. This isn’t about bravado or ego. It’s about adaptation. It’s worth clarifying for students and coaches alike that, unless your workout is a

An Approach

The board says, “Find a 1 RM Back Squat.” What do you do? How do you even go about that? Having an approach would be a pretty solid idea. Having

The Carrot

I was talking with a student the other day that was coming across a common experience in GPP training. It’s that moment after all the early success is behind you.

Health and the Golden Mean Fallacy

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“Everything in moderation.” I’ve always hated that. With an amateur’s passion for logic, I often scoffed at that worn phrase, “Everything in moderation.” What does that even mean? As it

You Should Be Strong

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As a strength and conditioning coach, I deal with people’s resistance to the ‘strength’ part of my job on a daily basis. It’s makes people uneasy, especially women. I’d say