The Top 2 Posture Mistakes

Let’s be honest. Even if you’re one of the select few individuals that works out regularly, you’re only doing so for a handful of hours each week. Most, if not all, of our time is spent outside of training. It’s in this time, however, that we can do the most damage to our performance. Here are the top two ways to improve performance without breaking a sweat:

1. Set Your Shoulders Back and Down – STOP! Don’t move! Chances are you’re reading this from your computer or one your phone, without adjusting your posture, take a glance at each of your shoulders and their positions. Odds are one or both of them are rolled forward. This kyphotic position is a nightmare for shoulder health, cervical spine issues, and general pain and discomfort. kyphosis-adult-hyper

2. Stand Up –  Our glutes our our biggest muscular assets, yet we neglect them as much as any other muscle group. Sitting is murder for glute function. The problem with glutes that don’t fire properly is that the rest of the chain breaks down.

By now, most students have realized that most human movement is based around the hip. Glutes are critical workhorses is stabilizing the hip and moving large loads efficiently. Though injuries are rarely manifested in the glutes, they are responsible for a laundry list of aches and pains if they aren’t working properly from back pain, knee injuries, foot problems, hip flexor issues, and more.


Simply how you sit, stand, and sleep can have monumental effects on the health, or lack thereof, of your body. Turn on your shoulder awareness, because shoulder injury is virtually guaranteed if you’re rolled forward. Activate glutes and, if necessary, work hard to fight for a neutral hip position while waiting in line at the bank or while grocery shopping.

And yes, what you do while being idle has that much effect on your body. The best correction work is done in the midst of real life, so get on board at work, on the road, and back at home.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Tabata Squats

Run 1 Mile

**Score athletes’ lowest Tabata round score