Form & Intensity: Bonded by Peak Performance

As coaches, our goals are simple. We want safe fitness adaptations (increased performance) in our students. The cherry on top would be instilling a new bit of knowledge or skill upon them, too. I’d like to argue that the goals of the students are mostly the same as well.

Naturally, egos and the fundamentals of basic competition can sway the focus of students more towards performance than safety at times, however. Luckily in the functional movement world, when the coach’s priority is safety and the student’s priority is performances there’s no need to compromise.

In our world, increased safety and efficiency happens to also mean increased performance.

Phew… Thank goodness! This forever marries these two concepts together no matter where an athlete is on his/her path of elite fitness. To put this in a different way, in general, those that see the best performance also practice the safest movement. Efficiency, good from, and safety, then, contribute to increased performance. See below..


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 4.03.56 PM


As a student, when the heat of battles comes over you and your coach is cuing you to move better and safer, keep in mind that his/her instruction will also feed your desire to do more work faster. Doing what coach wants and winning the workout can, in fact, be the same thing.

This logic follows then that a stubborn disregard for safety and efficiency directly impedes performance. We’re all on the same team, folks. Quality movement means better fitness.


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Hill Sprints
6x 300m
*Each effort starts on the 5 min


  • dylan says:

    Another amazing piece of writ Logan…

    I saw you guys working on your new spot, which actually is close to where I live. Congrats on the new digs Ill be by soon to say whats up

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