Creating an Atmosphere of Success

In the same way that you wouldn’t encourage a newly sober man or woman take on bar tending for the first time, you wouldn’t want someone with weight-loss goals to live in a house full of processed foods and sugar. Our surroundings affect us so much. Even the people around us have a strange ability to skew our behavior.

I’m sure you can relate. Some circles of friends may encourage and support you spending way too much money shopping, for example. Many of you may relate to watching your language around some people, and not others. Plus, we all know that we are ordering desert 9 times out of 10 if you are hanging out with you know who.

Lindsey rocking out in here LifeAsRX swag at Barbell Club.

Lindsey rocking out in here LifeAsRX swag at Barbell Club.

My point isn’t to demean the people and places that encourage behavior outside of my preferences. My point is to raise your awareness. Especially as we enter The Whole Life Challenge, much of your success and failure will be based on your ability to create an atmosphere of success, or not. Without sounding like a salesman, I think we can both agree that things will go much more smoothly if your significant other signs up with you. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Tackling something as difficult as ridding your diet of toxic processed foods is hard enough. Now, imagine trying to do that with a stockpile of Hostess cookies in the pantry. It’s still doable, but DAMN, help yourself out!

This idea extends well beyond our challenge, though. I don’t take for granted the power of the atmosphere I’ve created in my life. I understand that my lifestyle isn’t normal relative to the world around me. But, in my world, eating real food and training functionally is commonplace. Not doing so would be odd in this atmosphere. And, I know my position is much easier than that of the position of someone trying to improve their health for the first time.

Build an atmosphere that supports your idealistic self. Doing it any other way is just hurting your own cause.


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

5-3-3-1 Hang Snatch

5 Rounds for time:
25m Broad Jump
50m Sprint

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