Two weekends ago I was full, absolutely overflowing with gratitude. It is impossible to measure the amount of gratitude and happiness that I feel for the experience. The weekend started on

DEUCE Lifestyle: Dana McCreary

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As you may know by now, there are three progressive pillars to the DEUCE Gym program. “Performance, community, lifestyle” is a closed loop concept that builds upon itself for progress

One Photo, A Hundred Stories

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Look at the image below. I took it this past Saturday during ‘Skills and Drills’ and it may be my favorite DEUCE photo in existence. The photo looks cool and

The People Matter

Thought experiment time! Let’s pretend you’ve just shown up to the bluffs for class. The workout is five rounds for time of ten deadlifts, fifteen burpees, and a 400m run.

The Awesome Factor

Though I’m not a revered philosopher by any means, I’m about to go deep with you. It seems as though there’s something undeniable about exceptional performances. Furthermore, I’d argue that