Two weekends ago I was full, absolutely overflowing with gratitude. It is impossible to measure the amount of gratitude and happiness that I feel for the experience. The weekend started on Friday night with a Project Mayhem Pre-Party at lululemon. It was definitely an impressive showing, especially from the incredible humans from DEUCE Gym. Just as you would expect, we showed up in force, happy, and hugging, clearly making a statement about who we are as a community.

Saturday came. For some, this was the first time they had been involved in a competition, and some others were more experienced. You could feel the excitement and the nerves in the van ride over. Thankfully, Terry Crews screamed directions at us the whole way while using the Wayz App. Once we got in, we walked up the long stairs, five stories, to the top of the garage and it became real. Nestled in West Hollywood atop a parking garage with the Hollywood sign in the background, and the sun setting as we competed. It was crazy cool.

DEUCE Racing fielded two teams made up of six athletes. I could not be more proud of our teams. I can tell you from the competition side of the coin. I felt more emotion, passion, and saw more heart from our teams, than I could have ever imagined. I also heard from fans that were there, that our teams stood out as teams, real teams, that supported each other, that were cohesive as a unit, not just a bunch of athletes thrown together because of talent. I saw fellow teammates go from faces of sheer terror, to faces that looked like they were about to cry, to faces of true determination. It was the “I found that deep dark scary, I am gonna win” faces. I saw teammates that actually didn’t think they could do something, run up to the challenge, and crush it. I saw athletes get up, time and time again, and produce results. I pushed myself further, because my team was pushing further.

Our athletes that were a bit greener went out there and performed like veterans. We left everything out there! In my mind we won, and we are better as a community, and we are stronger as a community for this weekend. I can never say enough about those that came out to support. It means the world to each and every athlete that we have people that care enough about us to cheer us on. The fans, the athletes, this community… I can’t say enough. This day was so full, it’s staggering to me the experience, and the gratitude I feel.

Sunday came. The soreness set in from Saturday’s events. I had not a single clue what we were about to experience. Raffi and I headed to the gym. We just knew to be there at 10AM on a Sunday.

Oh, Lordy!

We pulled up to a crowd of all of you, with tables and chairs, and food, and drinks, and pinatas that looked like IPG and I, which is amazing, and everyone was there for us. I was floored. I can’t tell you how much this day meant. I just want to give the biggest of “Thank you’s” to Grace, Antonia, Lindsey, Embo, and Logan, and all of you. This place, this Community of people, I can’t even put it into words how proud I am to be a part of. You all fill me up every day. IPG and Wendy I couldn’t be happier to have our wedding on the same day, set aside from us not being able to attend each other’s.

I am eternally grateful for all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Danny Lesslie


10/7/14 WOD

400m Run
5 Cleans (185 / 135)
2 Muscle Ups